Shaykh Ghulam Muhammad Masoom Sirhindi Faruqi (d. 1161 AH)

Hazrat Shaykh Ghulām Muhammad Ma’sūm Sirhindi Faruqi (d. 1161 AH), second son of Khwaja Muhammad Ismāīl Sirhindi, was a great master of the Naqshbandi Sufi order and a great-grandson of Imam Rabbani Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi (971-1034 AH), may Allah be pleased with them.


1. Hazrat Imām Rabbānī Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindī (971-1034 AH)
1.3. Hazrat Imām Muhammad Ma’sūm Sirhindī (1007-1079 AH)
1.3.1. Hazrat Khwājā Muhammad Sibghatullāh Sirhindī (1033-1122 AH) Hazrat Khwājā Muhammad Ismā’īl Sirhindī (d. 1136 AH) Khwājā Ghulām Muhammad Ma’sūm Sirhindī (d. 1161 AH)

He completed his Islamic education at the age of 20 and then started spiritual training under the guidance of his grandfather Khwājā Muhammad Sibghatullāh, who later awarded him with full Ijāzah in the Naqshbandi Mujaddidi tariqah.

He had nine sons. The eldest son Shaykh Ghulām Muhammad Sirhindi became his chief spiritual successor, while the youngest son Shāh Safiyyullāh later became one of the most prominent Shaykhs of the Mujaddidi order.

He passed away on 5 Dhu al-Hijjah 1161 AH and was buried in Sirhind (India) besides his father’s noble grave.


Graves of Khwaja Ismail and Khwaja Ghulam Masoom Sirhindi

Graves of Khwaja Muhammad Ismail (left) and his son Khwaja Ghulam Masoom Sirhindi (right), in backside of the tomb of Imam Muhammad Masoom Sirhindi, at Sirhind (India)

Tombstone Khwaja Ghulam Masoom Sirhindi

Tombstone of Shaykh Ghulam Muhammad Masoom Sirhindi, son of Khwaja Muhammad Ismaeel Sirhindi

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  1. Ahmed Asim says:

    please would you tell us the name of the book you have refered from????
    i have only read ummdat ul maqamaat

    please tell us other books names so we can read more


  2. wahid mujaddedi says:

    hazrat qayoom zaman ghawsul agwas qutbul aqtab hazrat haji gulam masoom e sani hazrat gawse samadani mir iasudeen q s syays iwas taking ill high tamprature cantinued for a month what i see my mursed hazrat qubul aqtab apear in my vision he toke my hand and we went inside in beutifull tent i see aperson siting on the throne of noor he was no other then rehmatul alameen peace in blesing up on him after seeing the greatest of the great the love of allah suhana wa taalah i opend my eyes here iam heald of the illnese

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