Shaykh Muhammad Ismail Sirhindi Faruqi (d. 1136 AH)

Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad Ismā’il Sirhindi (d. 1136 AH) was the second son of Khwaja Muhammad Sibghatullāh Sirhindi (1033-1122 AH) who was the grandson of Imam Rabbāni Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi (971-1034 AH).

He was one of the most prominent Sufi masters in the Mujaddidi family of Sirhind. His spiritual legacy includes many branches of the Naqshbandi order today, with potentially millions of followers.

He is buried in the backside of the tomb of Imam Muhammad Masoom Sirhindi, in Sirhind (India).

Graves of Khwaja Ismail and Khwaja Ghulam Masoom Sirhindi

Graves of Khwaja Muhammad Ismail (left) and his son Khwaja Ghulam Masoom Sirhindi (right), in backside of the tomb of Imam Muhammad Masoom Sirhindi, at Sirhind (India)

Tombstone Khwaja Muhammad Ismaeel Sirhindi

Tombstone of Khwaja Muhammad Ismaeel Sirhindi, son of Khwaja Sibghatullah Sirhindi

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11 Responses to Shaykh Muhammad Ismail Sirhindi Faruqi (d. 1136 AH)

  1. Ahmed Asim says:

    With due respect !!! I’m to correcting you that:

    Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Muhammad Masoom Sani Sirhindi (R.A.) is full name of Khwaja Muhammad Ismail Sirhindi’s son….

    and for your information:

    Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Muhammad Masoom Sani Sirhindi (R.A.) son’s name is:

    Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Muhammad Sirhindi (R.A.)
    DOD: 1 Shawal, 1178 Hijri Buried at: Peshawar (Shoba Bazaar), Pakistan

    Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Muhammad Masoom Sani Sirhindi (R.A.) grandson’s name is:

    Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Hassan Jan Sirhindi (RA)
    DOD: 1204 Hijri Buried at: Peshawar (Shoba Bazaar), Pakistan

    you can also contact me to get their shrines pictures…..

    • Asim says:

      As salaam alaikum brother Asim

      I would like the picture of this shaykh please
      Hazrat Khwaja Ghulam Muhammad Sirhindi (R.A.)
      DOD: 1 Shawal, 1178 Hijri Buried at: Peshawar (Shoba Bazaar), Pakistan


    • syed shah says:

      dear plz send me pics and adress of khawaja ghulam mohammed mujaddadi mazar thanks

    • dr shameel says:

      dear please send me correct location of grave of shikh ghulam muhammed sirhindi in peshawer

  2. Ghulam Murtaza Soomro says:

    Most R/Qibla Sain I am a more little servant no coments give at. Only that ” Parhi Kre Dil Khe Dado Sukoon milyo”.

  3. Ahmed Asim says:

    Assalam o Aliekum !!!

    First of All, I will congratulate and thank you for sharing such information regarding My Masters (Hazraat e Sirhindi)….I humbly request that I need the names of the books, which can provide more information regarding My Master and Mentor:

    Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Ismaeel Sirhindi

    thanks alot

  4. wahid says:

    hazrat imamul arefeen qudwatul alameen sahib kamal wa takmeel hazrat muhmmad ismail mujaddedi serhindi agreat wali ullah his father hazrat tajul awlia qayom zaman gawse azam muhammad sbghatullah perfered him to cantinue his legacy as a shykh of tariqa allah subhana wa taalah gave him a son very high rank walli qayoom zaman gaosul agwas qutbul aqtab sermast badi qayom hazrat hai glam muhammad m asoom agreat saint it will catinu in his familly to come qayum gaue qubulaqtab el the end wich yuo couldnt finde anywhere else in the world

  5. wahid mujaddedi says:

    hazrat qayoom zaman gawsul agwas qutbul aqtab sheykh muhammd sibghatullah serhind the great wali his grnd son imam masoom e sani went to haj with sha hujatullah muhammad naqshband and others his grand father hazrat qyoom e zaman salectd him as a mutaserif he didnt want to leave his grand father and go with othr hazrat qyoom zaman told him you go with them they all will be under your taseruf they all will need you and they will ask for your help includin hujatullah sahib his gaws agwas and qubul aqtab all qayoom and gaws and qutb will be from his chain imam masoom sani his mutaserif untell last day nd his of spring will rull the world



  7. Waheed Ullah says:

    Assalam O Alikum!
    Dear all,
    If anyone want authentic information regarding Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Masoom and his family till now, please read the book named “Muqamat e Masoomi” written by his grandson in persian language and translated to urdu by Dr.Iqbal Mujadiddi.
    Hazrat Khwaja Masoom sahib famous grandson named Hazrat Fazl Ahmad Masoomi popularly known as Hazrat Ji and jeo Sahib Peshawari, was a great Wali of his time. His mureeds were in millions. One the city’s preeminant Sufis and scholars at the turn of the 18th-19th century, Jeo Sahib Peshawari famously established a vast network of educational institutions from Bukhara to the Pushtun Tribal Belt, with Peshawar at its center. He is partly credited for inspiring Bukhara’s academic and spiritual renaissance of the 19th century. Among his disciples were five rulers of Central Asia. Also the numbers of his Khalifa’s were eight hundred. His raoza is in Yakatoot Peshawar. I can give you more information.

  8. farooqui says:

    aslam o alikum

    please tell me the sons of
    Shaykh Muhammad Mahdī Sirhindī
    Shaykh Abdul Bāqī Sirhindī

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