Shaykh Muhammad Siddiq Sirhindi (1059-1131 AH)

Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad Siddiq Sirhindi (1059-1131 AH) was the sixth and last son of Imam Muhammad Masoom Sirhindi (1007-1079 AH).

He was born in 1059 AH in Sirhind (India), and died on 5 Jamādā al-Awwal 1131 AH in Delhi and was buried in Sirhind.

Among his notable murids was the Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah Farrukh-Siyar.

He had two sons:

  1. Shaykh Muhammad Mahdī Sirhindī
  2. Shaykh Abdul Bāqī Sirhindī

Among his deputies are the following:

  1. Shaykh Muhammad Mu’azzim
Tomb Khwaja Muhammad Siddiq Sirhindi

Tomb of Khwaja Muhammad Siddiq Sirhindi, at Sirhind (India)

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