Manājāt of Khwaja Qutb-ud-Dīn Bakhtiār Kāki

Manājāt of Hazrat Khwaja Qutb-ud-Dīn Bakhtiār Kākī Chishti (569-634 AH, buried in Delhi), one of the greatest Sufi masters of India, successor to Khwaja gharib-nawaz Mueenuddin Chishti, may Allah sanctify their souls.

مناجات حضرت خواجه قطب الدين بختيار کاکي عليه الرحمة

ز شر نفس اماره نگاهم دار يا الله
هوا و حرص نفساني ز من بردار يا الله

Protect me from the evil (sharr) of the inciting nafs (Nafs al-Ammara), Ya Allah!
Take away from me the lust and the selfish greed, Ya Allah!

خداوندا تو مي داني که بد کردم بناداني
بدست مکر شيطاني مرا مسپار يا الله

O God! You know that I wronged due to stupidity,
Do not hand me over to the deceiving hand of Satan, Ya Allah!

خداوندا مسلمانم مسلماني نمي دانم
و ليکن چون مسلمانم مسلمان دار يا الله

ُO God! I am (called) a Muslim, yet Muslimhood I know not,
But as I am a Muslim, keep me as a Muslim Ya Allah!

خداوندا گنهگارم گناه بي عدد دارم
رهائي دهه ازين کارم به استغفار يا الله

O God! I am sinful, I have uncountable sins,
Relieve me from this with Istighfar, Ya Allah!

يقين خود را نمي دانم که گبرم يا مسلمانم
نه در اسلام شايانم نه در کفار يا الله

I do not really know myself whether I am a Muslim or Magus (kafir),
I do not deem fit in Islam neither in the Kuffar, Ya Allah!

نه دنيا دوست ميدارم نه عقبيٰ را خريدارم
نه ديگر آرزو دارم بجز ديدار يا الله

Neither do I love the world nor do I buy the hereafter,
No other wish do I possess except meeting (you) Ya Allah!

زسر تا پا گنهگارم حقيقت سخت بدکارم
نظر بر فضل تو دارم توئي غفار يا الله

I am sinful from head to toe, in fact I am an extreme sinner,
I keep hope with your graciousness, you are the Forgiver (Ghaffār) Ya Allah!

منم درويش و مسکينم نه در دنيا نه در دينم
برون از خرقه پيشمينم درون زنار يا الله

I am a dervish and poor, I neither belong to Dunya (world) nor to Deen (religion),
Externally I am dressed with Khirqa [Sufi dress], but inside (dressed) with Zunnar [clothes of Kuffar] Ya Allah!

خداوندا تو مولائي ز قلبم دور کن سياهي
به تاريکي و تنهائي درامنم دار يا الله

O God! you are my Lord, put away darkness from my heart,
Grant me protection in darkness and loneliness Ya Allah!

من کاکي چون بد کردم هر آنچه ناسزا کردم
مکن چون کاک رخ زردم در آن بازار يا الله

When I, the Kākī, wronged and did everything evil,
In that market [the Judgment day], do not make me pale-faced like the Kāk [bread] Ya Allah!


  • There are many other verses, but I have only translated a few which I love the most.
  • Kākī is the shaykh’s personal title (poetic name), and Kāk means bread which is yellowish.


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