Shaykh Haji Dost Muhammad Qandahari and the Wahhabi sect

Excerpt from letter 30 of the Maktubat of Hāji Dost Muhammad Qandahāri Naqshbandi (1801-1868), a great Naqshbandi master of India in the 19th century

Written to Molvi Abdullāh, advising him to refrain from the beliefs of the Wahhabi sect

It has come to knowledge through the visitors that Molvi Ghiyās ad-Dīn believes in the issues of the Wahhabi sect and teaches these issues to the people. Therefore it is emphasized to you in writing that abhor the beliefs of the Wahhabis and loathe by heart the Ismāīli Wahhabi sect [1]. To maintain the right doctrine and to do the (righteous) acts, the books written by the pious ancesters the Ahl as-Sunnāt wal-Jamā’ah are sufficient for us. These books should be under your consideration, do not read the writings of the Wahhabi sect and refrain from their beliefs. If you wish to observe the powerful effect of our Great Masters in yourself, may Allah best sanctify their secrets , then you should follow your masters in all issues, practical or doctrinal, apparent or inner. Allah willing, you will get the fruit of the Reality and Cognition of the Exalted Haqq. Just say: Allah bass Māsiwā Abas wa Hawas wan-Qati’ alaih in-Nafs (Allah is sufficient, everything else is vain and lust, cut-off youself from them).

That’s all.

And Salām is the best ending!

Written on the 23rd of Shawwāl 1279 H.


1. Here the word Ismāīli refers to Molvi Ismāīl Dehlavi who brought the Wahhabi beliefs from Arabia to India

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