Sayings of Khwaja Dost Muhammad Qandahari (1801-1868)

Hazrat Khwāja Hāji Dost Muhammad Qandahāri Naqshbandi (1801-1868) was the chief deputy and spiritual successor of Shah Ahmed Saeed Mujaddidi Faruqi, may Allah be pleased with them both.

Following are few excerpts from his sayings:

“A bit of true action is better than a hundred thousand knowledge, and a bit of true Ikhlās (sincerity) is better than a hundred thousand actions, and a bit of love is better than a hundred thousand Ikhlās, and a bit of grief is better than a hundred thousand love and passion.”

“Agriculture is of two kinds: external cultivation which is the means of food and energy for the body, and internal cultivation which is the stock for hereafter, and that is the Zikr and [spiritual] effort and struggle.”

“An illiterate person better adopts this noble tariqa, as his mind does not hold the logical and intellectual evidences, and so he cannot fall into doubt. In contrast to a scholar who is more prone to doubts and skepticism.”

“I consider myself the most sinful and acknowledge my shaykh as the superior of all.”

While reading letter 70 from the first volume of Maktūbāt (of Mujaddid Alf-e-Sāni), he said:

“God almighty is one, so shaykh should also be one. Making more than one shaykhs makes the matter of tariqa dispersed and scattered. Master of the order Khwāja Sayyid Bahā’uddin Muhammad Naqshband Mushkil-kusha Bukhari, may Allah sanctify his soul, has said that when you have given your hand in my hands for learning Zikr and made me your shaykh, then do not go to every door, hold on tight to a single door.”

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