The Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Tahiri silsila sharif

Hadhrat Khwaja Muhammad Tahir Abbasi Naqshbandi alias Mahboob Sajjan Saeen

(Translated from Urdu and Sindhi versions)

All praise is reserved for the Greatest Being,
Hundreds of blessings and Salams for Mustafa [1]
(The holy prophet Muhammad sallalah-u-alaihi-wasallam).

Truth and Purity be granted for sake of Siddiq-e-Akbar (Abu Bakr) [2],
Grant your love for that Faithful’s sake.

Bestow your blessings O Kind! for sake of Salman Farsi [3],
For sake of Qasim (Bin Muhammad) [4] the Master of Saints.

My Nafs be overwhelmed for sake of Imam Jaafar (Sadiq) [5],
For sake of Qutub of the world, Baa Yazid (Bustami) [6] the king.

Khwaja Abul Hasan Khirqani [7], the king of saints,
For sake of Abul Qasim (Gurgani) [8], pir of pirs and companion of God.

Man of bounty and excellence Abu Ali (Farmidi) [9], Shaikh of the world,
For sake of Khwaja Abu Yousuf [10], virtuous and trustworthy.

Khwaja Abdul Khaliq Ghijdwani [11], the saint,
For sake of Shaikh Arif Reogri [12], that Guide to God

Make my afterlife pleasant for sake of Hadhrat Mahmood [13],
For sake of Pir Ali Ramitani [14], the fellow of God.

Khwaja Baba Samaasi [15], the dignified and perfected,
For sake of Sayyad Shamsuddin [16], the sovereign.

The greatest Ghaus, Qutub of the worlds, the Supreme King Naqshband,
For sake of Shah Baha’uddin Bukhari [17] the beloved.

My heart may shine with the Greatest Name O God!
For sake of Pir Ala’uddin [18], the devoted worshiper.

Free me of troubles for sake of Hadhrat Yaqoob (Charkhi) [19],
For sake of greatest saint Pir Ubaidullah (Ahrar) [20].

For sake of Hadhrat Zahid [21], the perfect Reluctance be granted to me,
For sake of Shaikh Durvesh Muhammad [22], the Master.

Grant me weeping and lamentation for sake of Khwaja Amkanki [23],
For sake of Khwaja Muhammad Baqi Billah [24], the Purified.

The King of awliya, the Deputy of Mustafa, the honorable,
For sake of Hadhrat Mujaddid (Alf Thani) [25], the compassionate.

Bestow your perfect passion for sake of Hadhrat Masoom (Faruqi) [26],
For sake of Shaikh Saifuddin (Faruqi) [27], the master and the guide.

Forgive my fault for sake of Hadhrat Mohsin [28],
For sake of Noor Muhammad [29], the perfect and pious the spiritual guide.

Shaikh Habibullah the martyred, Mirza Mazhar Jan-e-Janan [30],
For sake of Khwaja Ghulam Ali [31], altruistic and courteous.

Abu Saeed Shaikh Ahmed Dehlavi [32], Custodian of the time,
For sake of Ahmed Saeed Faruqi [33], the sun of guidance.

O God! Your friend, Dost Muhammad (Qandahari) [34] the beloved,
For sake of Hadhrat Uthman (Damani) [35], abstaining of all except God.

Hadhrat Muhammad Laal Shah [36] and Pir Sirajuddin [37],
Remove the darkness of my heart for sake of these shining faces.

Faiz (spiritual bounty) of Fazal Ali (Qureshi) [38] pours over Arab and Ajam, (non Arab)
Reward me for sake of (Shaikh) Fazal Ali, the bounty of God.

Deputy of the Best of Prophets (Muhammad S.A.W), Hadhrat Muhammad Abdul Ghaffar [39],
Show your kindness upon this meek, for sake of that Compassionate.

The ocean of blessing, the lord of compassion, Hadhrat Allah Bakhsh [40],
This prayer be accepted for sake of that holding the highest cadre in spiritualism of the world.

Vanish from my heart of the love of wealth and possessions,
For sake of the guiding Pir, Allah’Abadi, the caregiver.

Be lost into the (self of) Perfect Shaikh, and his love be bestowed,
May the Shaikh be pleased with this meek (myself).

O God! Where shall I go leaving your doorway?
Have mercy O Merciful, for sake of your generosity!

O Lord! Your Mercy has no bounds,
Remove the thirst of my heart for sake of your Grant.

Save me O Lord! From the evil of devil,
My evil genius may always remain devastated.

O Lord! I am sinking in the sea of sins,
Help the unfortunate with your kindness.

Your pleasure may always be foremost for me,
Each action may truly be for your satisfaction only.

My prayers are heedless and my Worships are restless,
May be accepted with kindness, for sake of Noor-ul-Huda (The Holy Prophet S.A.W).

The sea of your mercy and compassion knows no bounds,
Grant me a drop for sake of Sall-e-Alaa (The holy Prophet S.A.W).

Keep me away from poverty in each of the two worlds,
Fulfil all my needs for sake of you generosity.

May all my enemies of both worlds be defeated,
Your reward is sufficient for this dust of your feet.

Grant me all the virtues of Faith and Worship,
For sake of the Master of the Worlds, the Last of Prophets (S.A.W).

May the requests of humble (Hazrat Shaikh) Muhammad Tahir [41] be accepted,
For sake of all the Perfect Saint and the pious people.

S.A.W: Sallalah-u-Alaih-i-wasallam (means: peace be upon him, a phrase attached to the name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad)

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13 Responses to The Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Tahiri silsila sharif

  1. Do you have any information regarding Hazrat Khuwaja Fazalullah Jan Sirhindi Farouqi Naqshbandi(RA) and His Shrine……thanx

  2. Descendants

    Zikir Khair of Descendants & Sajada Nasheen of Hazrat Immam Rabani Mujadid Alf-Sani Shaykh Ahmed Sirhindi (RA)

    1. Eurvat-ul-Wusqa Hazrat Shah Mohammed Masoom Sirhindi (RA)
    DOD: 1079 Hijri Buried at: Sirhind Shareef, India

    2. Hazrat Shah Sabghatullah Sirhindi (RA)
    DOD: 9 Rabi-ul-Awal,1122 Hijri Buried at: Sirhind Shareef, India

    3. Hazrat Shah Ismail Sirhindi (RA)
    DOD: 1136 Hijri Buried at: Sirhind Shareef, India

    4. Hazrat Shah Ghulam Mohammed Masoom Sani Srihindi (RA)
    DOD: 5 Zul-Hajj, 1161 Hijri Buried at: Sirhind Shareef, India

    5. Hazrat Shah Ghulam Mohammed Sirhindi (RA)
    DOD: 1 Shawal, 1178 Hijri Buried at: Peshawar, Pakistan

    6. Hazrat Khuwaja Ghulam Hassan Jan Sirhindi (RA)
    DOD: 1204 Hijri Buried at: Peshawar, Pakistan

    7. Hazrat Khuwaja Ghulam Nabi Jan Sirhindi (RA)
    DOD: Jamad-ul-Awal 1226 Hijri Buried at: Kandhaar, Afghanistan

    8. Hazrat Khuwaja Fazalullah Jan Sirhindi (RA)
    DOD: 1238 Hijri Buried at: Kandhaar, Afghanistan

    9. Hazrat Khuwaja Abdul Qayoom Jan Sirhindi (RA)
    DOD: 1271 Hijri Buried at: Kandhaar, Afghanistan

    10. Siraj-ul-Oliya Hazrat Aagha Abdul Rehman Jan Sirhindi (RA)
    DOD: 1315 Hijri Buried at: Maqbro Shareef, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan

    11. Taj-ul-Oliya Hazrat Aagha Mohammed Hassan Jan Sirhindi (RA)
    DOD: 2 Rajab 1365 Hijri Buried at: Maqbro Shareef off Khathar, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan

    12. Qutab-ul-Aqtab Hazrat Aagha Abddullah Jan (Shah Aagha) Sirhindi (RA)
    DOD: 3 Rabi-ul-Awal 1393 Hijri Buried at: Maqbro Shareef off Khathar, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan

    13. Imam-ul-Aarfeen Hazrat Aagha Ghulam Ali Jan Sirhindi (RA)
    DOD: 26 Shoban 1397 Hijri Buried at: Maqbro Shareef off Khathar, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan

    14. Hazrat Aagha Abdul Hameed Jan Sirhindi, Mujadidi, Farooqui, Naqshbandi (14th Sajada Nasheen of Immam Rabani Mujadid Alf-Sani Shaykh Ahmed Farooqui (RA), at Dargha Mujadedia Village Tando Saiendad, District Tando Mohammed Khan, Sindh, Pakistan)

  3. Syed mohsin ullah naqshbandi mujajdidi qadari says:

    Aslawalekum hazrat mujhe ye site dehker bohat khusi hui app mujhe imam e rabbani ke khas wazaif mere email id per send kare plz allah app ko iska ajre azem de amin

  4. Ahmed Asim says:

    Assalam o Aliekum!!!

    Hazrat Sahab umeed hai k aap khairyat se hoon gay…. Shah Sahab mien aap ko link send ker raha hoon aus per check kerain…. is per aap her kithab dekh sakatay hain….Murshid Kareem K tamam Books available hain…

  5. salam alaikum hazrat those above named hazarat mujaddidis my ansisters till hazrat shah ghulam nabi we are the of spring of hazrat shah ziaulhaque hazrat sahib shahid burrid in nijrab north of kabul azrat ghause sadani hazrat shah zia mujaddid urf mianji walli burid in lagmani perwan province hazrat qutbul aqtab hazrat mia abdul gani jan burid in ghurband district of perwan pravince hazrat shr agha abdul jalil burid gurband hazrat jan agha mujddidi d b lives in dough abad kabul afghanistan may allah bless him with long live ameen yarabul alameen an i haqeer wahid mujaddidi may allah forgive my sins live in manchester uk may allah keep me on that above path may rub have mersy on whom who says ameen

    • Ahmed Asim says:

      Hazrat Sahab !!!

      It is an honour to know about you and your ancestors …. thanks a lot for sharing your comments……

      May I ask you a favour… can you provide any information to get photographs of

      Mazar-e-Hazrat Khuwaja Ghulam Nabi Jan Sirhindi (RA)

      Mazar-e-Hazrat Khuwaja Fazalullah Jan Sirhindi (RA)

      Mazar-e-Hazrat Khuwaja Abdul Qayoom Jan Sirhindi (RA)

      Or please would you arrange those photos’ for me……

      i will be desperately waiting for your reply….

      thanks Again

      Ghulam-e-Sirhindi Hazraat
      Ahmed Asim

    • Moeez Rahim says:

      Assalam-o-Alaikum Dear Wahid Mujaddidi!
      I’ve seen your comment and I am interested to know about your ancestors because I am disciple (Mureed) of your ancestors. Please give me your email ID facebook ID phone no or any means of communication. Our blessed Silsila’s Golden Chain is as below.

      1 Hadrat Syedna Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wa Sallam
      2 Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddiq Radi Allah Anhu
      3 Hadrat Salman Farsi Radi Allah Anhu
      4 Hadrat Qasim Bin Muhammad Radi Allah Anhu
      5 Hadrat Imaam Jaafar Saadiq Radi Allah Anhu
      6 Hadrat Bayazid Bistami (R.A)
      7 Hadrat Abdul Hassan Khirqaani (R.A)
      8 Hadrat Abu Ali al Farmadi (R.A) (MURSHID E IMAM E GHAZALI)
      9 Hadrat Yousuf Hamadani (R.A)
      10 Hadrat Khwaajah Abdul Khaliq Ghijdawani (R.A)
      11 Hadrat Khwaajah Arif ar-Riwakri (R.A)
      12 Hadrat Khwaajah Mahmoud al-Anjir al-Faghnawi (R.A)
      13 Hadrat Khwaajah Ali ar-Ramitani (R.A)
      14 Hadrat Khwaajah Muhammad Baba as-Samasi (R.A)
      15 Hadrat Khwaajah As-Sayyid Amir Kulal (R.A)
      16 Hadrat Khwaajah Muhammad Baha’uddin Shah Naqshband (R.A)
      17 Hadrat Khwaajah Ala’uddin al-Bukhari al-Attar (R.A)
      18 Hadrat Maulana Yaqub al-Charkhi (R.A)
      19 Hadrat Ubaydullah al-Ahrar (R.A)
      20 Hadrat Maulana Muhammad az-Zahid (R.A)
      21 Hadrat Khwaajah Darwish Muhammad (R.A)
      22 Hadrat Khwaajah Muhammad al-Amkanagi (R.A)
      23 Hadrat Muhammad al-Baqi bi-l-Lah (R.A)
      24 Hadrat Imam-e-Rabbani Mujaddid Alif Saani Ahmad Faruqi Sirhindi (R.A)
      25 Hadrat Muhammad al-M’asum (R.A)
      26 Hadrat Khwaajah Sighbat Ullah (R.A)
      27 Hadrat Khwaajah Muhammad Ismail (R.A)
      28 Hadrat Haji Ghulam M’asum (R.A)
      29 Hadrat Shah Ghulam Muhammad (R.A)
      30 Hadrat Haji Muhammad Safiullah (R.A)
      31 Hadrat Shah Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq urf Hazrat Shaheed Sahab (R.A) (Your ancestors Dear Wahid Muajadiddi)
      32 Hadrat Haji Shah Zia urf Hazrat Mianji Sahab (R.A)
      33 Hadrat Shams al Haqq Sahib Kohistan (R.A)
      34 Hadrat Maulana Shah Rasuul Sahab Taliqani (R.A)
      35 Hadrat Maulana Muhammad Hashim Smangani (R.A)
      36 Hadrat Gulzir Baba Damat Baraka-tu-hum
      37 Hadrat Habib ur Rahman Damat Baraka-tu-hum
      38 Hadrat Prof. Doctor Abdul Ghani (R.A)


  6. parizad says:

    i want it in persion if u have plz send me or send me the link i will b very thank full to u … with poetry .. jaza kallah

  7. Khurram Niazi says:

    Dear Sir

    I am getting faiz from Imam-i-Rabbani Hazrat Sheikh Mujaddid Alif Sani RA. I am seeking help to learn Sirhindi language but despite trying on internet I am unable to find any link to it. Can you please help me.


  8. wahid mujaddedi says:

    nowa days telling jihad is perferd over killing if you tell yourself itis big jehad if tell others its small jehad if youare cleansed inside out allah put power in youre words poeple oby what you tell them this cleansing is easy optain from jehad e akbar jehad with in youre self permoting virtue and preventing vice with in youre self in an other words geting red of youare bad habits replacenig them with nice ones leav greed lie back biting nd so on this is posibel if you realy sincer read the life of poeple whos done it befor you you will know how its done read the life of great sufi sckolers of islam not wahabis remember that may allmigty help us to achive that may allah have mercy on whom who says ameen

  9. wahid mujaddedi says:

    we had great men of god saints in afghanistan untell recently saydena hazrt muhamm ibrahim mujaddedi ziaul mashyakh the true and perfect mursheds he was managing a great khanaqa of oure ansisiters serhindis in kabul unfortunitly he was taken away from us by none beleeavers govern ment he is the start of holi war jehad in afghanistan wich eleminted comunist from the face off the earth again it proves that imam e rabani is the great mujadded azam any way we are all will cantinue in his foot steps by mentioning him and rememembering him among us may allah be please with him and his familly they went with him and allah give us tawfique to folow his fotsteps ameen

  10. wahid mujaddedi says:

    bleaving in oure way is welaiat says junaid bagdadi and sheykh bayazeed bustami said to his sisters sone if you see any one who beleaves in awlia u llah ask for his dua it means he is wali him self who beleavs in awlia almighty will accept his dua it means wali is mustajab u dawa the lovers of imam e rbbani you cant be any thing but mutaqi muman because no body else cant love the great mujadded alfe thani a part from mutaqis says shah waliulla dehlivi mubarak hu mubarak

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