Shaykh Jamaluddin Dana Naqshbandi

Hadrat Shaykh Sayyid Jamal ad-Din Dana Naqshbandi Ahrari was a renowned Sufi master of Gujarat, India.

He was born in the Middle East, possibly in Turkey. His father Sayyid Badshah Parda-Posh was of Husaini lineage of sayyids, and was martyred fighting with the Safavi Shia regime.

He was a disciple and deputy of Khwaja Muhammad Islam Juybari. His spiritual chain is following:

  1. Shaykh Jamal ad-Din Dana (d.1016 AH), deputy of
  2. Khwaja Muhammad Islam Juybari (d.971 AH)
  3. Makhdum-e-Azam Khwaja Ahmad Kasani
  4. Mawlana Muhammad Qazi
  5. Khwaja Ubaydullah Ahrar (d.895 AH)

Shaykh Jamal ad-Din migrated to Gujarat, India to propagate Islam and the Naqshbandi Sufi Order.

He died on 5 Muharram 1016 AH (1607 A.D). He had two sons:

  1. Khwaja Muhammad Hashim (or Qasim)
  2. Khwaja Abul-Husain


  1. Akabireen-e-Gujarat, by Hakim Suleman Kaflatvi
  2. Khwaja Muhammad Islam Juybari is mentioned in Nismat al-Quds of Khwaja Muhammad Hashim Kishmi.
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