Shaykh Ismaeel Anarani Naqshbandi Khalidi

The venerable Shaykh Ismāʻīl Anārānī Kurdī Dimashqī qaddas-Allāhu sirrahū was an exalted saint and a master of the Naqshbandī Khālidī tarīqah and the successor to Mawlānā Khālid Baghdādī. He lived only for three weeks after his shaykh’s death and died in the same plague in Damascus (1242 AH).

Mawlānā Khālid Baghdādī died in a plague in Damascus. He appointed Shaykh Ismāʻīl Anārānī as his successor. However, Shaykh Ismāʻīl also died shortly after three weeks later (1242 AH).

After his death, the seat of guidance was passed over to another deputy of Mawlānā Khālid, Shaykh Khās Muhammad Shirwānī.

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