Sayyid Taha Hakkari Naqshbandi Khalidi

Haḍrat Sayyid Ṭāhā Hakkārī Jīlānī Naqshbandī Khālidī qaddas-Allāhu sirrahū was one of the superior deputies of Mawlānā Khālid Baghdādī. He was a true Sayyid and a descendant of Sayyid ʻAbdul-Qādir Jīlānī raḍiy-Allāhu ʻanhu.

His uncle Sayyid ʻAbdullāh Jīlānī Hakkārī was also a perfect deputy of Mawlānā Khālid, who introduced Sayyid Ṭāhā to his shaykh. When Mawlānā Khālid saw Sayyid Ṭāhā, he ordered him to visit the shrine of Shaykh ʻAbdul-Qādir Jīlānī (in Baghdad) to ask him permission to join the Naqshbandī Order. Sayyid Ṭāhā obeyed and went there, and saw Shaykh ʻAbdul-Qādir in a vision, who told him to become a disciple of Mawlānā Khālid. Thus he started his spiritual journey in the Naqshbandī Mujaddidī Path, although his ancestral Sufi Path was Qādrī.

He died in 1269 AH (1853) in Nehri. He appointed his brother Shaykh Sālih as his successor. Among his perfected deputies were the following:

  1. Sayyid Muhammad Ṣālih, brother of Sayyid Ṭāhā
  2. Sayyid Ṣibghatullāh Arwāsī
  3. Sayyid Fahīm


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  1. Al Malibari says:

    more Info is here:
    PART3 PP105-110
    (A Disciple of Mawlânâ Khâlid al-Baghdâdî)
    Sayyid Tâhâ bin Ahmad bin Ibrâhîm (Quddîsa sirruh), one of
    the great Awliyâ’ al-kirâm, was a descendant of ’Abdal-qâdîr-i
    Jîlânî. He was the most perfect successor-deputy (al-khalîfa alakmal)
    of Mawlânâ Diyâ’ ad-dîn Khâlid al-Baghdâdî and the
    treasure of Rabbânî (Divine) Knowledge.
    His descent continued through his two sons, namely
    ’Ubeydullah and ’Alauddîn, ’Alauddîn Effendi is (buried) in the
    Hizne village of Shamdhinân. His grandson Muhammad Siddiq
    Effendi married Mariam Han›m after her husband Mustafa
    Effendi died. Tâhâ Effendi was born from Mariam Han›m.
    Muhammad Siddiq Effendi, who was one of the sons of this
    Sayyid Tâhâ Effendi, died in Baghdad while he was Musul
    Deputy in the Iraqi government. His other two sons Muhammad
    Sâlih Dârû and Mazhar Effendis who were in Iraq with their
    properties when the Ottoman Empire was divided, migrated to
    Turkey in 1400 (1980).
    Hadrat Mawlânâ Khâlid, who was the qutb of the thirteenth
    century of Islam, had been to India (Hindustân) where he had
    had the honour of attending the presence of Ghulâm-i ’Alî
    ’Abdullah ad-Dahlawî, After attaining the virtues (fadl) and
    perfections (kamâlât) proper to and worthy of him, he returned
    home, Baghdâd, to instruct (irshâd) human slaves of Allâhu
    ta’âlâ. Since the entire world was illuminated by the anwâr
    (spiritual lights) that radiated from Mawlânâ’s heart, Sayyid
    ’Abdullah, who had become a friend of his while they were
    studying, visited him in Sulaimâniyya and attained perfection at
    his suhba and became a khalîfa al-akmal of his. He told Hadrat
    Mawlânâ about the extraordinarily high qualities of his nephew
    Sayyid Tâhâ. Mawlânâ ordered him to bring his nephew to him
    during his next visit. Sayyid ’Abdullah took Sayyid Tâhâ to
    Baghdâd; as soon as Hadrat Mawlânâ saw Sayyid Tâhâ he
    ordered him to go abruptly to Hadrat ’Abdal-Qâdir al-Jîlânî’s
    shrine to perform istikhâra (divining by dream). Hadrat ’Abd alQâdir
    al-Jîlânî informed him that, though his own way (tarîqa)
    was great, there remained no experts in it at that time, and that
    Mawlânâ was the most perfect guide of his time, and ordered him
    to go to him at once. Upon this spiritual order, Sayyid Tâhâ
    studied for two sulûks, that is, eighty days, under Mawlânâ and
    later went to the town of Barda Sur. When Sayyid ’Abdullah
    passed away, he emigrated to the town of Nehri and began
    instructing. For forty-two years he emitted faid to his disciples
    there. Lovers from everywhere gathered like moths around this
    source of light.

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