Majzub Salik: A distinctive quality of the Naqshbandi Sufi Path

One of the sublime qualities of the Naqshbandi tarīqah, that distinguishes it from all other Sufi paths, is the initial Jazba that precedes Sulūk.

Jazba means passion, the plural is Jazbāt (passions). It is an emotional quality that takes a seeker’s spiritual subtleties (Laṭāʼif) upwards (fawq). Sulūk is the spiritual journey towards perfection, which requires effort and endurance. All tarīqahs except the Naqshbandī, start a seeker’s journey with Sulūk in order to purify him of all spiritual ills and evils, before taking him to the higher stations where he receives Jazba. The Naqshbandī tarīqah starts with the subtleties of the Command-World (ʻĀlm al-Amr), and the seeker enters jazba in the very beginning of the path. This jazba is a reflection of the jazba that a perfected seeker receives in the journey’s end. After tasting this jazba, it becomes extremely easy for the seeker to traverse the spiritual path (Sulūk) without much effort and difficulty.

In these trying times far apart from the blessed time of the First Generation (Sahāba), seekers in other tarīqahs travel for their lifetimes and may never reach the stations of jazba. Naqshbandī seekers are able to taste this jazba in the very beginning.

Majzūb Sālik

The saints (awliyā) can generally be grouped in two categories.

Those who complete Sulūk before Jazba, are called Sālik Majzūb. Those who receive initial Jazba and then complete the Sulūk, are called Majzūb Sālik. According to Imām-i Rabbānī Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindī, may Allāh santify his secret, Majzūb Sālik has superiority over Sālik Majzūb.

Registration of the End into the Beginning

aka. Indirāj an-Nihāyah fī al-Bidāyah

Shāh Naqshband, may Allāh be pleased with him, said:

“I have registered the End into the Beginning.”

This refers to the initial Jazba in the Naqshbandī Path, by which a seeker gets a taste or an image of the real Jazba in the early stages.


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  1. abdul-samad ahmad issufo says:

    Assalámo-Alaikum W. W.,
    this topic of Mazjub Sálik is very very complicated indeed (and the same goes with other topics on Tasawwuf) … I am just happy that I am in the Tariq of the Masháik e Chist under the Shadow of my Pir o Murshid, Hadhrat Dr. Tanveer Ahmed Khan!

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