Sayyid Barkat-Ali Shah Naqshbandi Mujaddidi (d.1345 AH)

The venerable Sayyid Abū-Muhammad Barkat-ʻAlī Shāh Azharī  ʻUthmānī Naqshbandī Mujaddidī quddisa sirruhū was one of the prominent deputies of Khwāja Muhammad Sirāj ad-Dīn Naqshbandī (1297-1333 AH) of Mūsā Zaī Sharīf, Pakistan.

Biography of Sayyid Barkat Alī Shāh

Probably a handdrawn picture of Hazrat Sayyid Barkat Ali Shah Lakhnawi Naqshbandi Mujaddidi

Probably a handdrawn picture of Hazrat Sayyid Barkat Ali Shah Lakhnawi Naqshbandi Mujaddidi

He was born in Alāwalpur, district Jālandhar, Punjab, India. After completing his education, he started searching for a perfected Sufi master to start his spiritual journey. He met Mawlānā Ghulām Husain, a deputy of Khwāja Sirāj ad-Dīn, in Kānpur, and heard about the excellence and perfections of his shaykh. He traveled to Mūsā Zaī Sharīf, district Derā Ismāʻīl Khān (Pakistan) and took allegiance in the Naqshbandī Path with the shaykh.

However, it seems he was fist initiated in the Sufi Path by Khwāja Muhammad Uthmān Dāmānī, whose collected letters include two letters addressed to him. [4]

After completing his Sulook (spiritual journey), he was awarded deputyship by Khwāja Muhammad Sirāj ad-Dīn, who told him to return to India and propagate the Naqshbandī Mujaddidī Path in the people there. He returned and settled in Kolkata (West Bengal). He received seekers in large numbers and had to establish a khānqāh at college street. Later, he migrated to Maharashtra and established a new khānqāh in Malegaon, district Nashik. [2]

He spread the Sufi teachings and the Naqshbandī Path in Bengal, Bangladesh, Bihar, Assam and Maharashtra. [1]

Sayyid Barkat-ʿAlī passed away from the mortal world on 14th of Safar 1345 AH (August 1926). The written sources mention that he died in his khānqāh of Malegaon and was buried there [1,2]. However, a brother has provided more information in a comment below, according to which he is buried in Kolkata, in Raja Bazar close to Sealdah Station. His ʻUrs is commemorated there annually on 14 Safar.

He had four sons:

  1. Khwāja Abulaish Muhammad ʻAbdullāh Shāh (d.1964)
  2. Mawlānā ʻAbd as-Salām Shāh who migrated to Bangladesh
  3. Khwāja ʻAbd ar-Rahmān Shāh
  4. Khwāja Bābū Barkat Shāh

His famous deputies are the following: [1]

  1. Khwāja Abū-Layth Muhammad ʻAbdullāh Shāh (d.1964)
  2. Sayyid Muhammad Abd ad-Dayyān of Kolkata
  3. Mawlānā Sayyid Muftī ʿAmīm al-Ihsān Barkatī Mujaddidī of Bangladesh (nephew of Sayyid Abd ad-Dayyān)
  4. Mawlānā Abd as-Salām
  5. Mawlānā Sayyid Salmān of Kolkata

His son Sayyid Abd as-Salām Ahmad Shāh (d. 1386 AH) was a deputy of Mawlānā Ahmad Khān Naqshbandī Mujaddidī (d.1360 AH), another deputy of Khwāja Sirāj ad-Dīn. [3]

Khwāja ʻAbdullāh Shāh

Khwāja Sayyid Abū-Layth Muhammad ʻAbdullāh Shāh Naqshbandī Mujaddidī was the eldest son and successor of Sayyid Barkat-ʻAlī Shāh. He died in 1964 and is buried beside the noble grave of his father under the same mausoleum.

He appointed some of his pupils as deputies, including the following:

  1. Khwāja Pīr Muhammad Shāh (Ballia District, UP, India)
  2. Khwāja Tajammul-Husain Shāh (Singahi, Siwan District, Bihar, India). His grandson is his successor.
  3. Khwāja Abul-ʻĀbidīn Shāh (village Akhainiyam, Siwan District, Bihar, India): He is still live and is almost 100 years old (in February 2016).


[1] Biographical Encyclopaedia of Sufis (South Asia). By N. Hanif. Sarup & Sons, New Delhi, 2000.

[2] Mawāhib-i Rahmāniya (Urdu), volume 3. By Khwāja Muhammad Ismāīl Sirāji. 1989.

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A picture of Hazrat Sayyid Barkat Ali Shah Naqshbandi, d.1926

A picture of Hazrat Sayyid Abu-Layth Abdullah Shah (d.19664), son of Sayyid Barkat Ali Shah Naqshbandi

A picture of Hazrat Sayyid Abu-Layth Abdullah Shah (d.19664), son of Sayyid Barkat Ali Shah Naqshbandi

Hazrat Maulana Abul Abideen Shah Naqshbandi, who is the last living khalifa of Sayyid Abu-Layth Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi

Hazrat Maulana Abul Abideen Shah Naqshbandi, who is the last living khalifa of Sayyid Abu-Layth Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi

The noble graves of Hazrat Sayyid Barkat Ali Shah and his son Sayyid Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi in Lucknow, India

The noble graves of Hazrat Sayyid Barkat Ali Shah and his son Sayyid Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi in Kolkata, India

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15 Responses to Sayyid Barkat-Ali Shah Naqshbandi Mujaddidi (d.1345 AH)

  1. Faruque Azam says:

    Aslam Alaikum
    Talib Gaffari Sahab
    I am faruque Azam from Siwan Bihar. I found one information wrong in this blog, Sayyid Barkat-Ali Shah Naqshbandi Mujaddidi was burried in Kolakta not Malegaon.
    I use to seek blessing from his Majar every year. His grave exist beside of Siyalada Station area know as Raja Bazar.
    One more thing I want to add.
    He had four Son
    1: Khawaja Abulaish Mohammad Abdullah Shah
    2: Khawaja As-Slam shah who migrated to Bangla desh.
    3: Khawaja Ibhrahim Shah
    4: Khawaja Babu Barkat Shah.

    Khawaja Abulaish Mohammad Abdullah Shah was elder son of Sayyid Barkat-Ali Shah Naqshbandi Mujaddidi and burried beside of his Majar e Aqdas under a single tomb.
    his 3rd son Khawaja Ibhrahim Shah was burried just entrance of his tomb.

    Further more
    I am telling this information because i am also belongs to the same silsila.

    He had given Khilafat to his elder son Khawaja Abulaish Mohammad Abdullah Shah also
    and he had further more given Khilafat to his four Pupils.

    Khalifa of Khawaja Abulaish Mohammad Abdullah Shah
    1: Khawaja Pir Mohammad Shah (Baliya District)
    2: Khawaza tajamul Hussain Shah (Siwan Bihar)
    3: Khawaja Abul Abeddin Shah (Siwan Bihar), he is still live and his age is almost 100 years.
    I am son of Khawaja Abul Abeddin Shah (Siwan).

    • Talib Gaffari Saheb and Faruque Aazam thanks for this information.
      I want to more information for this topic.
      The Khanque of Silsila Naqshbandiya also persent in Malegaon.
      and this khanque is produced by HAZRAT MAULANA SAYYED BARKAT ALI SHAH NAQSHBANDI (r.z) and his deputies SUFI HAZRAT MOHAMMED ALI NAQSHBANDI (d.b).
      Please provide more information about HAZRAT.
      THANK you…

      • Faruque Azam says:

        Aslam Alaikum
        Momin Faizan bhai

        Are you from India, Can you please provide more information about the khanqah in Malegaon and deputy of Khanqah.

        If you are from India, can you please share you number, I want to discuss more information about huzur Syed Abu Barkat Ali Shah. We are trying to write a book on Huzur Barkat Ali Shah, but due to lack of information still its pending.

        I would be so grateful to you if you share more info.

        Faruque Azam

        • Walikumssalam Farooque Aazam bhai
          Im extremely sorry for the do not reply your messege
          This is my email id

          And my number is 8237704507
          For more information plz contact with me your whtsapp and gmail…. Okk
          The khanqua of SAYYED BARKAT ALI SHAH NAQSHBANDI (rz) is regularly going on
          Please contact with me.
          My Father is Ansari Raees Naqshbandi
          Im talking my father for this matter he said to me he give more to more information about SAYYED BARKAT ALI SHAH NAQSHBANDI(rz)
          PLease contact with me tomorrow i will taxing to talk HAZRAT SUFI MOHAMMED ALI NAQSHBANDI (db)
          Thank you

  2. Mohammed Qasim says:

    Assalam Alaikum
    Faruque Azam Sahab,
    Please contact me with your phone number and email id.

    Thank you.

  3. My grandfather hajrat shah aftabuzzama nakshabondi muzadeddi was most of one Khalifa(succesfull disciple ) his son muti ahmed aftabi have transeleted the book of muzaded alfesani MATUBAT SHARIF in Bangoli 1960) esai.

  4. Faruque Azam says:

    Aslam o Alaikum Enran Ahmed Aftabi

    Can you please share your mail id or any number so that we can contact you.

    I know Mawlānā Abd as-Salām (Son of Huzur Barkat Ali Shah R.A) migrated to Bangladesh and established one khanqah in Bangladesh.

    Do you have more information about this Khanqah

    • Syeda Zainab abbas says:

      Aoa I am syeda Zainab abbas from Pakistan Lahore. I am happy to read this information I want to add some very valuable information to this. By the blessing of Allah I belong to the family of syed muhammad barkat ali Shah. I am the daughter of his grand daughter… He has two wives and from other wife his second was syed muhammad Suleman Ahmed barkati ..who is my Nana… I want to know your email id and phone number please provide. So that I can give more information we being from his family bond to add on this. Thanks . Syeda Zainab abbas

      • Syeda Zainab abbas says:

        Please contact to syed mohsin ali Shah. Grand son of pirate abu barkat ali Shah. He will provide you missing and details information to you about syed abu barkat ali Shah. Mohsin shah is son of syed Suleman Ahmed barkati. His tomb in sangla Hill, Village bhullair 119. Pakistan. 03339941390

        • Faruque Azam says:

          Aslam alaikum
          Syeda Zainab abbas

          I am so happy to see the family of Syed Huzur Barkat Ali Shah R.A .

          InshaAllah I will contact Mohsin Ali.

          Meanwhile I have got the privilege to meet another Grandson of Syed Huzur Barkat Ali Shah R.A .

          His name is Jamal Barkati who is son of Abu Ali Barkati R.a the Fourth son of Syed Huzur Barkat Ali Shah R.A . live in Kolkata.

          I can’t explain my happiness and emotion after knowing the talking the family of our great Qayad and Bani Syed Huzur Barkat Ali Shah R.A .

          Due to his Taalim and spiritual guidence the Barkatiya Khanqah has spread across india , Bangladesh and Pakistan.

          Faruque Azam

  5. Mubrook says:

    This is a wonderful post and thanks a lot to the writer! I particularly delighted to see the photo of this great sufi alhamdulillah! I have been in his mazar just this past week. His successors inherited his look mashallah!

    Just to add some information, he actually had 7 sons. Eldest one is resting just beside him, the second one is resting at the entrance of the mazar sharif, the third son migrated to Bangladesh and I am not sure about the rests.

    I am attached to the third son Shah Syed Abdus Salam Ahmad (R. A) and his successors here in Narinda Khanqah Sharif in Dhaka, alhamdulillah! I met the grandson of one of the prominent Khadims of this great sufi in Kolkata.

    • Faruque Azam says:

      Aslam Alaikum Mubrook bhai

      Can you please give your number so that I can contact with you ..

      My Whatsapp no : +91 9540044560

      Faruque Azam

  6. shameel says:

    naqshbandi silsila divided into four chain in bihar india
    1 naqshbandia abulalai
    2naqshbndi baqvia
    3 naqshbandeya mujadaeya
    naqsshbandi abulali silsila from ameer abulula agara ad spread by hazrat makhdoom munim paak /khanqah in maten ghat bihar
    2naqshbandeya baqvia silsila dissolve in mujadadi tareeqa
    3 naqshbandiya mujadadeya tareeqa spread in bihar by hazrat noor muhammed bihari khalifa hazrat mujadid alfi sani and others
    4 naqshbndeya muhammadeya is older branch of naqshbandeya spread by syedna muhammed qadei ( 80 hij to 930 hij)
    qadreya muhammadeya silsila spread in bihar/west bengal and orissa
    by bday sarkar syed naseem akhter and choty sarkar naseem akher
    the central khankhah located in bhadrak orissa

  7. Muhammad Ibrahim says:

    Yes ! The information provided here is correct ! To know more about Sayyid Muftī ʿAmīm al-Ihsān , please visit & .

    A few people who follow Amimul Ehasan (& thus Barkat Ali Shah) are Khanqah Sirajia situated in Mianwali & Dhaka. Here, &

    Also, please visit the following since they too are related : & &

    • Faruque azam says:

      Can any one please provide Shajra nasab of Hujur Barkat Ali shah Naqshbandi..
      We are working on to write a biography of Dada hujur Barkat Ali shah Naqshbandi

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