Shaykh Uthman Jalandhari

Ḥaḍrat Shaykh ʿUthmān Jālandharī was one of the perfected deputies of Khwāja Bāqī Billāh Dahlawī quddisa-sirruhū.

Shaykh ʿUthmān is rather an obscure figure in the biographies of Khwāja Bāqī Billāh and other historical works. Ḥaḍrāt al-Quds and Zubdat al-Maqāmāt do not mention him among the deputies of the Khwāja.

Among his writings are his letters which were translated in Urdu by Mawlānā Muḥammad Ilāh-Dīn Ḥanafī Naqshbandī Mujaddidī and published in Lahore. The letters, published under the title Chahal Maktūb (forty letters), contains beautiful spiritual advices and admonitions and provide guidance to the new and old seekers alike.

Eight of the letters are written to Mirzā Bāqī Khān Beg who seems to be one of the his disciples and a government official associated with the king.

One letter is written to the Mughal emperor Shāhjahān, counseling him about maintaining justice and righteousness.

One letter is written to Shaykh Ilāh-Dād Dahlawī, deputy of Khwāja Bāqī Billāh. In this letter, Shaykh ʿUthmān shows extreme humbleness while also providing advice and guidance.

Some of the addressees are mentioned with the title Shaykh, indicating that they were either his deputies or other Ṣūfī shaykhs, including Shaykh Jalāl, Shaykh Jawhar, Shaykh Junaid, Shaykh Ḥusain, Shaykh Ayyūb, Shaykh ʿAbd al-Wahhāb, Shaykh Yaḥyā, Shaykh Darwesh, and Shaykh Kabīr.

Other addressees include Ḥājī Khiḍr Khān, ʿAbdu’llāh, Mirzā Ṣādiq, Niẓām, Shāh Muḥammad, Burhān, Muḥammad Zākir, Jalāl Khān, Sher Khān, Ḥamza, Mirzā Khalīlu’llāh, Raḥīm-Dād, Sharīf, Maḥmūd, Nūḥ, Ghulām, and Shaykhū


  1. Chahal Maktūbāt (Urdu translation). By Shaykh Uthmān Jālandharī.
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