Khalifa Mawlana Abd al-Wahid Bhutto Naqshbandi (1880-1953)

Hadhrat Khalīfa Shaykh Abd al-Wāhid Bhutto Naqshbandī Mujaddidī (1880-1953) quddisa sirruhū (may his secret be sanctified) was a deputy of Hadhrat Khwāja Fazal Alī Qureshī quddisa sirruhū and also of Shaykh Abd al-Ghaffār Fazalī Naqshbandī quddisa sirruhū.

His father was Hājī Muhammad Mūsā Bhutto. He was born in 1880 in a village called Bāgo Bhutto, near Deherkī, Ghotkī district, Sindh (now Pakistan). He studied in a village named Lakpu sharīf, near Obawaro, Sindh. Among his teachers were his uncle Hājī Ilāhī Bakhsh Bhutto and Mawlānā Alī Sher Kalhoro Lakpurī.

He first swore allegiance in the Naqshbandī Path with the great master Hadhrat Khwāja Pīr Fazal Alī Qureshī Naqshbandī quddisa sirruhū. After traversing the spiritual stations, his shaykh granted him deputyship and ordered him to teach the spiritual path to the new seekers.

When Shaykh Fazal Alī passed away in 1935, he swore allegiance with his chief deputy Hadhrat Shaykh Abd al-Ghaffār Fazalī Naqshbandī quddisa sirruhū and completed the remaining spiritual stations and was again granted deputyship.

He preached method of his masters and was always active in preaching. He also established a madrasah in his village for Islamic learning. One of his students was Mawlānā Abd ar-Rahmān Bhutto (d.1974) who was a qualified Islamic scholar.

He married twice and had one son named Hājī Muhammad Mūsā Bhutto (d.1972).

He was a good practitioner of herbal medicine and had written a book on this topic. Unfortunately that book has been lost.

He passed away in his village Bāgo Bhutto in 1953 and is buried in the graveyard of the village.


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