Shaykh Aziz al-Qadr ibn Muhammad Isa Mujaddidi Faruqi

Hadhrat Shaykh Azīz al-Qadr ibn Shaykh Muhammad Īsā Mujaddidī Fārūqī Sirhindī, quddisa sirruhū (may his secret be sanctified), was one of the great saints in the Mujaddidī family, i.e., the descendants of Imām Rabbānī Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindī. His family lineage is as follows:

  1. Hadhrat Shaykh Azīz al-Qadr Mujaddidī quddisa sirruhū was second son of
  2. Hadhrat Shaykh Muhammad Īsā Mujaddidī quddisa sirruhū, who was third son of
  3. Hadhrat Shaykh Saif ad-Dīn Mujaddidī Fārūqī Sirhindī quddisa sirruhū, who was fifth son of
  4. Hadhrat Imām Muhammad Ma’sūm Fārūqī Sirhindī quddisa sirruhū, who was third son of
  5. Imām Rabbānī Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindī Fārūqī quddisa sirruhū, the great Mujaddid of the second millenium

This chain goes to the second caliph of Islam Hadhrat Sayyidinā Umar al-Fārūq, may Allāh be pleased with him.

Shaykh Azīz al-Qadr was born in the venerable town Sirhind, India, in the end of eleventh century Hijrī. He learned the Islamic education and the Naqshbandī spiritual path from his noble father, and was steadfast on the path of his forefathers. He was a scholar and a saint.

According to Ansāb at-Tāhirīn, he passed away on 5th Rabī’ al-Awwal 1183 AH (July 1769). Shāh Raūf Ahmad Mujaddidī quddisa sirruhū mentions in Jawāhir-i Alawiyah that he died in 1187 AH (1773).

Shaykh Abul-Hasan Zaid Fārūqī writes in Maqāmāt-i Akhyār that he had heard that Shaykh Azīz al-Qadr was buried in Najīb-ābād near Bijnor, India.

He had two wives, from whom he had three sons and three daughters. His first wife was Ishrat Khanum, daughter of Shaykh Muhammad Anwar-Allah Mujaddidi, grandson of Shaykh Abd al-Ahad Wahdat. From her, he had two sons Hafīz al-Qadr and Ahmad Ma’sūm. From his second wife, he had one sons Shaykh Safiy al-Qadr. His daughters were: Simrah, Jamīlah, Fasīh an-Nisa’.

May Allah shower his blessings of these great saints of friends of Him, and may He shower the blessings of these saints over us.


  1. Maqāmāt-i Akhyār (Persian), by Shaykh Abul-Hasan Zaid Fārūqī Mujaddidī, published from Delhi, 1975. Biography of Hadhrat Shaykh Abul-Khair Abdullāh Fārūqī Mujaddidī.


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  1. wahid mujaddedi says:

    he is a great wali u llah in ramzan month lailatul qader night lailatul qadr apeard to him asking him for dua and almighty forgive all who loves him till the day of qeiamet may god make us to be one of does who loves this great wali amee

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