Mawlana Haji Riyasat Ali Khan Shahjahanpuri Naqshbandi

Hadhrat Mawlānā Shaykh Hājī Riyāsat Alī Khān Shāhjahānpurī Hanafī Naqshbandī Mujaddidī, may Allāh sanctify his soul, was a great Islamic scholar and jurist, a Mufassir of the Holy Qur’ān, and a master of the Naqshbandī Mujaddidī path.

He was born and lived in Shāhjahānpur, in the current state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

He studied some books of education from the scholars of his hometown. Later, he went to Rāmpur where he studied from the esteemed scholar Hadhrat Muftī Muhammad Irshād Husain Mujaddidī Naqshbandī quddisa sirruhū. He studied from his shaykh many sciences including Jurisprudence, Usūl, Kalām, Logic and traditional medicine. He lived with his master for many years and learned the spiritual path as well. When he acquired the sublime spiritual stations of sainthood and traversed the prophetic perfections, his shaykh awarded him deputyship and made him a successor [khalīfa].

Shaykh Riyāsat Alī then returned to his hometown and dedicated himself to teaching and providing spiritual guidance to the seekers. He was not only a great spiritual guide, he had a vast amount of knowledge which is apparent from his writings. He wrote many books, two of them are the following in the science of Tafsīr:

  1. Al-Zalālain Sharh al-Jalālain (الزلالين شرح الجلالين)
  2. Lubāb al-Tanzīl Fī Hall Mushkalāt al-Qur’ān (لباب التنزيل في حل مشكلات القرآن)

He passed away in the month of Rabī’ as-Sānī 1349 AH (1930).

One of his deputies was Hadhrat Shaykh Isrār Alī alias Amīn ad-Dīn Naqshbandī, who was followed by Shaykh Abd al-Hakīm Naqshbandī, who was followed by Shaykh Muhammad Māmūn ar-Rashīd Naqshbandī (Banglādesh) who is currently leading this branch of the Mujaddidī Order and has migrated to Cambodia for guiding the spiritual seekers there.


  1. Nuzhat al-Khawātir (Arabic), by Mawlānā Abd al-Hayy Lakhnawī
  2. Mawlānā Irshād Husain Mujaddidī Rāmpurī, by Sayyid Shāhid Alī Rizwī Rāmpurī, published from Rāmpur, India, 1989.
  3. Mashāikh-i Naqshbandiya Mujaddidiya, by Mawlānā Muhammad Hasan Naqshbandī Mujaddidī, Qādrī Rizwī Kutubkhāna, Lahore, 2003.


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3 Responses to Mawlana Haji Riyasat Ali Khan Shahjahanpuri Naqshbandi

  1. Muhammad Waseem says:

    assalamo alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,
    I have great pleasure in reading and studying some of the biographies of some of the greatest renowned personalities of the Islamic world, and their magnificence.
    I think there should be much more biographical information about these personalities not only on the internet, but also in book form.
    I am deeply interested in the works of Shah Riyasat Ali Naqshbandi Mujaddadi, Shah Irshad Hussain Rampuri, Shah Ahmad Saeed Mujaddadi, Shah Ghulam Ali Mujaddadi may Allah be pleased with them all.
    It would be helpful if you could give me guidance from where i may attain such important information.
    I am greatly seeking after this, and wonder if you could help.

    Kindly awaiting your reply.

    Muhammad Waseem
    (Preston, U.K.)

  2. Mohammad RezaulKarim says:

    I am very dedicated follower of Hazrat Maw. Mufti Md. Riyasat Ali khan Shahjahanruri (R.A). His renowned books named Jamiul Fatwa (3 vol), Jawahere Tanjil, Faslul Khitab, Halat etc. Ever my knowledge I know Marhum Aminuddin sb was not his deputy (khalifa) only his murid. And only son of Aminuddin was Abdul Hakim was a notorious magician. Still now one of son of Abdul Hakim is practicing astrology.

    • Mahbub Alam says:

      Dear Mr. Rezaul Karim
      As salamu alaikum.
      Amin Uddin Ra was a khalifa of Hazrat Maw Riyasat Ali Khan Ra. Amin Uddin Ra’s son Abdul Hakim Ra: was a magician in his early life. but he left all those and became a disciple of his father. He migrated to Shatkhira, Jessore, East Pakistan (Now Banglades) in 1946. He lived a very simple life and was a traditional medicine practitioner, Hakim. He was known as Hakim Abdul Hakim Ra. His Chief Khalipa Md. Mamunur Rashid Ra was a renowned Islamic scholar and sufi. He also lived a simple life and was a Semi Govt. Service holder. He has over 30 khanka’s in Bangladesh. He also migrated to Cambodia and started preaching Islam there. He has written and edited 66 books, of them are Tafseer E Mazhari, Madare jun nabuyot, biography of Sufis. He was also a renowned Islamic poet. There are over 100,000 followers of Md.Mamunur Rashid Ra., all over the world. His main khanka (Office) was in Hakimabad, Bhuigar, Narayangonj. (15 Km from Jatrabari, Dhaka). He passed away in May 2016 at the age of 66. Now Hakimabad is being looked after by his Chief Khalipha Hazrat Md.Shamim Akter, who is also his only son-in-law.

      If Hazrat Amin Uddin Ra was not pure & enlightened, we would not see a ‘Star’ as Hz.Md.Mamunur Rashid Ra. I have personally been with Hz.Mamunur Rashid for 30+ years. When ever I saw him i felt I am watching Rasul Sm.
      I welcome all to come to Hakimabad, Bhuigar, Narayangonj, Bangladesh and gather the essence of Naqushabondia, Mozaddedia order. Wa Salam.

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