Shaykh Safiy al-Qadr Mujaddidi (d. 1236 AH)

Hadhrat Shaykh Safiy al-Qadr Mujaddidī Naqshbandī, may Allāh sanctify his secret, was a pious saint and scholar among the great-grandsons of Imām Rabbānī Mujaddid Alf-e Sānī Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindī, may Allah be pleased with him.

His family tree is as follows:

  1. Shaykh Safiy al-Qadr Mujaddidī was son of
  2. Shaykh Azīz al-Qadr Mujaddidī, who was son of
  3. Shaykh Muhammad Īsā Mujaddidī, who was son of
  4. Shaykh Saif ad-Dīn Sirhindī, who was son of
  5. Khwāja Muhammad Ma’sūm Sirhindī, who was son of
  6. Imām Rabbānī Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindī

This chain goes to the second caliph of Islam Hadhrat Sayyidinā Umar al-Fārūq, may Allāh be pleased with him.

Shaykh Safiy al-Qadr received spiritual mentorship and authorization in the Naqshbandī Mujaddidī order from his father. He possessed the external and esoteric knowledge and spiritual excellence. He practiced and taught the spiritual path of his forefathers. He had disconnected himself from the worldly affairs. Once, the ruler of Rāmpur Nawāb Nasr-Allāh Khān offered him an elite position in his military, but he refused to take it.

He used to be engaged in his Awrād, and had a passion to read Tafsīrs of the Holy Qur’ān and books of Hadīth. He exceedingly avoided the immoral and corrupt people.

Shaykh Safiy al-Qadr passed away on Friday 25 Sha’bān 1236 AH (25 May 1821 CE) in Lucknow, India. His funeral was arranged by Sayyid Ahmad and Molvī Ismā’īl Dihlawī. His funeral procession occurred in night. In the path, a thatched roof had burned down that was not visible due to darkness. The fire was still burning inside. Those carrying his coffin passed over it without being affected by fire or heat. The persons who were following noticed it, and passed from besides.

Shaykh Safiy al-Qadr married with a pious woman from the Mujaddidi family named Faiz-Jahan Begum, daughter of Shaykh Muhammad Murshid Mujaddidi (1117-1201 AH, buried in Rampur), who was son of Shaykh Muhammad Arshad (1095-1162 AH), son of Mawlana Muhammad Farrukh (1038-1121 AH), son of Khwaja Muhammad Sa’id (1005-1070 AH), son of Imam Rabbani (971-1034 AH).

Allah Almighty blessed him with a venerable son, Zakiy al-Qadr, now known as Shaykh Hāfiz Abū Sa’īd Mujaddidī quddisa sirruhū, who became one of the most prominent Sufi masters in the Mujaddidī order, and received spiritual training from Hadhrat Shāh Ghulām Alī Dihlawī quddisa sirruhū.

He was also blessed with two daughters: Safiyyah and Ummat al-Azīz.


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