Five letters of Pir Fazal Ali Qureshi

Hadhrat Khwāja Pīr Fazal Alī Quraishī quddisa sirruhū often wrote letters to his followers, although very few of these have survived. The following five letters were written in Urdu and have been acquired through reliable sources. For the readers of this blog, the English translation is presented below. Although utmost care has been taken in the translations, nonetheless these are not perfect due to my poor linguistic knowledge.

Letter 1

Addressed to his most beloved fellow, his true successor, the companion of God Hadhrat Shaykh Abdul Ghaffār Fazalī quddisa sirruhū.

In the service of honorable Mawlavī Sahib! As-Salāmu Alaikum.

From the poor naught Muhammad Fadl Alī,

It is better if you, along with La’l Khān, come to Hājīpur. This is the path: Patan Mahre Wālā, Sītpur, Sultānpur Green, Ārāīn Mahre Wālā, Patī Jumā Ārāīn, Hājīpur.

Letter 2

Addressed to Master Rahmat-Allāh

From Miskīnpur Sharīf,

In the service of honourable Miyān Rahmat-Allāh Sāhib, may Allah Almighty protect him.

As-Salāmu Alaikum wa Rahmat-ullāhi.

Your letter arrived, it was pleasing. Do not let Nafs tempt you and ignore the temptations. If temptations come, ward them off and remember your previous state. Now, praise be to Allah, the state is very good. And for the anger, if it arrives, recite “A’ūzu Billāhi” and drink water, and sit down if you are standing. Use these remedies, Allah willing both the diseases will be dismissed. Make dhikr with courage and commit yourself to Sharia. Whatever is achieved, is achieved in the commitment to Sharia. Embrace Taqwā and fear of God. May Allah Almighty fulfill the wishes of you and of all Muslims, Amīn. Faqīr is always praying.

Congratulations that Allah Almighty has granted me second son. Inform all the fellows of Sukkur and other fellows and congratulate them. Date of Aqīqah is fixed on 5 Rajab. Inform Pīr Ghulām Dastagīr also.

Nothing more. Monday 2 Rajab al-Murajjib,

Faqīr Muhammad Fadl Alī Quraishī Abbāsī,

Miskīnpur Sharīf.

Letter 3

Addressed to Master Rahmat-Allāh

From Miskīnpur Sharīf,

Dated 18 Shawwāl al-Mukarram,

As-Salāmu Alaikum wa Rahmat-ullāhi wa Barakātuhū.

The servant [I] became aware of the goal of the honorable [you].  May Allah Almighty reward you; a blissful goal is being sought. So it is requested in short that continue endeavoring for companionship of the Shaykh and following of the Sunnah sallAllāhu alaihi waSallam. “Peace be on you” to the whole fellowship.

Letter 4

Addressed to Master Rahmat-Allāh

In the service of Master Sāhib, may Allah increase your love!

As-Salāmu Alaikum.

Here all is well; your wellness is desired. May Allah grant you progress. Urs Sharīf will end on 22 Baisākh, accordingly 19 Muharram, 9 May [1934].

Letter 5

Addressed to Master Rahmat-Allāh

Dear Rahmat-Allāh,

As-Salāmu Alaikum wa Rahmat-ullāhi wa Barakātuhū.

Remain focused on your own task! Keep doing “Allāh Allāh”! Just do not let go of the Single Being [Allah]; Dīn and Dunyā [the religious and worldly affairs] will be fixed automatically and the physical and spiritual enemies will be crushed. Endeavor to fulfill the duties of Sharia. It is prayed that Allah may grant you success in the affairs of Dīn and Dunyā.

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