Deputies of Shaykh Abd al-Ghaffar Fazali alias Pir Mitha

Hadhrat Khwāja Abdul Ghaffār Fazalī Naqshbandi Mujaddidi (d. 1484 AH / 1964), popularly known as Pir Mitha, was the chief khalifa of Hadhrat Pir Fazal Ali Qureshi Naqshbandi who was the greatest Naqshbandi master in India in the early 20th century. Hadhrat Pīr Mitha brought the Naqshbandi tarīqa in Sindh and his tarīqa spread so fast and wide that today it is the most widespread and spiritually active sufi tarīqa in Sindh. The followers of Pīr Mitha call themselves Ghaffārī, a derivation from his first name Abd al-Ghaffār.

Hadhrat Pīr Mitha had more than a hundred deputies, most of whom were great shaykhs in Sindh, Punjab and other areas. They spread his Fayd (spiritual blessings) to many corners of the world, and today Ghaffārī’s are present in almost every country of the world.

Here, I am only presenting the names of his deputies along with short bio. The complete biographical work of the Khulafa of Hadhrat Pīr Mitha is published in Sindhi by Maulāna Karam-Ilāhī Ghaffārī, a successor to one of the khhulafa of Pīr Mitha. This list is an extract from that book Khulafā-e-Ghaffāria.

  1. Hadhrat Khwaja Allah Bakhsh Abbāsi Ghaffāri Naqshbandi, alias Sohna Saeen (b.1910, d. 12 December 1983), his chief khalīfa and main spiritual successor, who had thousands of followers and who brought about a spiritual revolution in Sindh after the demise of Pīr Mitha.
  2. Hadhrat Sahibzada Muhammad Khalīl-ur-Rahmān Ghaffāri (d.1976), buried in Rahmatpur, Larkana. He was the only son of Pīr Mitha.
  3. Hadhrat Sayyid Ghulām Hussain Shāh Bukhārī (b.1932), Qambar, Sindh. He is one of the well known khulafa of Pīr Mitha today, and one of the very few still alive. May Allah prolong his life.
  4. Hadhrat Khalīfa Noor Muhammad, Noorpur, Gambat, Sindh (d.1998)
  5. Hadhrat Khwāja Muhammad Ilāhī Bakhsh Ansārī alias Mahboob Ilāhī, Matli, Sindh (d.1990)
  6. Hadhrat Sayyid Abdullāh Shāh Bukhārī, Rahmatpur, Larkana. His real name was Nawābshāh, and many letters of Hadhrat Pīr Mitha refer to him with his real name, which was later changed by Pīr Mitha.
  7. Hadhrat Khalīfa Muhammad Yaqūb Abbāsī (1910-1990), Rahmatpur, Larkana.
  8. Hadhrat Khalīfa Muhammad Ali Kodrāni (1934-2007), Larkana, Sindh
  9. Hadhrat Khalīfa Mawlānā Sa’d-Allāh Soomro (1876-1956), Lārkānā, Sindh. He received first deputyship from Hadhrat Pīr Fazal Ali Qureshi, then from Hadhrat Pīr Mitthā. His Janāzah prayer was led by Hadhrat Pīr Mitthā.
  10. Hadhrat Khalīfa Habīb-Allah Soomro, son of Khalīfa Sa’d-Allah Soomro (1920-2004), Rahmatpur, Larkana
  11. Hadhrat Mufti Muhammad Sāleh Bhutto Naeemi (1920-1992), a great scholar who authored Risālah Ghaffāriya to prove validity of ecstatic states in the Ghaffāri tarīqa.
  12. Hadhrat Khalīfa Abdul-Karīm Mangi (d.1978), Larkana, Sindh
  13. Hadhrat Khalīfa Allah-Dinū
  14. Hadhrat Khalīfa Ghulām Muhammad Bhatti (d.2004)
  15. Hadhrat Khalīfa Hāfiz Muhammad Siddīq Sandīlo (1922-1985), born in district Rahimyar Khan
  16. Hadhrat Khalīfa Maulāna Fadhl-Allah (1922-1985), buried in village Sonu Jatoi, Sindh
  17. Hadhrat Khalīfa Maula Bakhsh Jatoi (1924-2006), buried in Larkana, Sindh. Lived in Madinah for almost 25 years.
  18. Hadhrat Khalīfa Muhammad Hasan Jhatiyāl (d. 19 Dhu al-Hijja, year unknown), Dokri, Larkana, Sindh
  19. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muhammad Ibrāhīm Jhatiyāl, a scholar, called Maulānā Wāchūrro by his followers, Dokri near Larkana, Sindh
  20. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muhammad Bashīr Chohān, Nodera near Larkana, Sindh (d.2008)
  21. Hadhrat Khalīfā Qārī Abdul-Hamīd Qureshī Anbālvī, Nodero near Larkana, Sindh (d.1976)
  22. Hadhrat Khalīfā Hāfiz Ahmed Birohī, district Larkana, Sindh
  23. Hadhrat Khalīfā Qārī Khān Muhammad Panhwar (d.1992). His heart did not stop the Zikr Qalbi even after death, witnessed by doctors and many others.
  24. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muftī Allah Dinū Jumārānī (born 1921). A great scholar and one of the few still alive khulafa of Hadhrat Pīr Mithā.
  25. Hadhrat Khalīfā Pīr Bakhsh Birohī (d.1997). Badah, Sindh
  26. Hadhrat Khalīfā Anwar-uddīn Fārūqī, born in Afghanistan, khilafah in 1955, died in 1992, buried in Kuchlak near Quetta, Balochistan
  27. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muhammad Siddīq Birohī, established Tahiri Markaz in UAE
  28. Hadhrat Khalīfā Ghulām Rasool Chāndio (1865-1976). He was initially a murid of Maulana Taj Muhammad Amroti.
  29. Hadhrat Khalīfā Alī Gul Mugherī
  30. Hadhrat Khalīfā Ghulām Siddīq Birohī (1921-2004)
  31. Hadhrat Khalīfā Maulānā Abdul Halīm Shahdādkotī (1913-1979)
  32. Hadhrat Khalīfā Hāfiz Muhammad Zamān Magsī (d.1966)
  33. Hadhrat Khalīfā Khudā Bakhsh Solangī (d.1995)
  34. Hadhrat Khalīfā Amīr-uddīn Magsī (1910-1997)
  35. Hadhrat Khalīfā Razā Muhammad Chāndio (d.1970)
  36. Hadhrat Khalīfā Bashīr Ahmed Wādho (1920-1999)
  37. Hadhrat Khalīfā Rahīmdād (alive)
  38. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muhammad Sulemān Kalhoro
  39. Hadhrat Khalīfā Nisār Ahmed Khoso (1909-1987)
  40. Hadhrat Khalīfā Abdul-Rahmān Erī Nāngrī (1893-1989)
  41. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muhammad Taqī Shāh (1905-1991)
  42. Hadhrat Khalīfā Bhalay Rakhio Shāh (d.1988)
  43. Hadhrat Khalīfā Sāleh Muhammad Shāh (d.1987)
  44. Hadhrat Khalīfā Sayyid Alī Muhammad Shāh (alive), son of Khalīfā Sāleh Muhammad Shāh
  45. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muhammad Bakhshal Sodhar (1910-1981)
  46. Hadhrat Khalīfā Molvī Yār Muhammad Joyo
  47. Hadhrat Khalīfā Allah Dittā Khoso (1920-1974)
  48. Hadhrat Khalīfā Sayyid Ghulām Qādir Shāh (1910-1995), Phulji
  49. Hadhrat Khalīfā Hāfiz Muhammad Ilyās (d.1989)
  50. Hadhrat Khalīfā Hāfiz Muhammad Sāleh Sohū (d.1983), his silsila also spread in Bangladesh
  51. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muftī Muhammad Mahesar (alive)
  52. Hadhrat Khalīfā Durr Muhammad Chāndio (1913-1995)
  53. Hadhrat Khalīfā Abdul Salām Chāndio (1921-1994)
  54. Hadhrat Khalīfā Mushtāq Ahmad Jamāli (1915-2008)
  55. Hadhrat Khalīfā Qāzī Nasīruddīn Hāshmi (1930-1984)
  56. Hadhrat Khalīfā Abdullāh Shāh (1924-1969)
  57. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muhammad Umar Panhwar (1905-1984)
  58. Hadhrat Khalīfā Gul Hasan Jokhio (1923-1988)
  59. Hadhrat Khalīfā Molvī Karīm Bakhsh Ãgro (d.1995)
  60. Hadhrat Khalīfā Molvī Walī Muhammad Memon (1897-1983)
  61. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muhammad Mūsā Rind (1921-1984), 2nd Bay’ah with Maulana Mahboob Ilāhī
  62. Hadhrat Khalīfā Sayyid Amīr-uddīn Shāh (1930-1992)
  63. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muhammad Ismā’īl Dīpar (1938-2002)
  64. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muhammad Ayūb Chāndio (d.1992)
  65. Hadhrat Khalīfā Ãshiq Muhammad Siyāl (1909-1986)
  66. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muhammad Alī Bozdār (1927-1996)
  67. Hadhrat Khalīfā Sayyid Nasīr’uddīn Shāh (1920-1983)
  68. Hadhrat Khalīfā Allah Bachāyo Leghārī (Jhol Wāro) (1900-1972)
  69. Hadhrat Khalīfā Fazal Ahmad Birohī (1973)
  70. Hadhrat Khalīfā Hāfiz Nūr Muhammad Rājpar Mojā’ī
  71. Hadhrat Khalīfā Hakīm Allah Bakhsh Pathān (Kot Lalu) (1881-1980), previously murid of Hadhrat Meher Ali Shah, a famous Hakim, who came to Hadhrat Pīr Mitha on the order of Pir Meher Ali Shah (in dream)
  72. Hadhrat Khalīfā Ghulām Qādir Memon Ghaffāri Bakhshi Tāhiri, Moro, Sindh.
  73. Hadhrat Khalīfā Abdul Sattār Jatoī (died between 1970 and 1975)
  74. Hadhrat Khalīfā Sayyid Alī Gohar Shāh Jīlānī (1916-1990)
  75. Hadhrat Khalīfā Hājī Khair Muhammad Kalhoro Ghaffāri Bakhshi (1901-1983)
  76. Hadhrat Khalīfā Hājī Bakhsh Alī Khoso (1923-2006)
  77. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muftī Abdul Rahmān Wagan Ghaffāri Bakhshi Tāhiri, Allahabad Sharif, Kandiaro (born 1934). Lives in dargah Allahabad sharif, near Kandiaro, Sindh
  78. Hadhrat Khalīfā Shafī Muhammad Korejo (d.1982)
  79. Hadhrat Khalīfā Molvī Nabī Bakhsh Hamao, previously murid of Maulana Muhammad Hasan Jān Sirhindi
  80. Hadhrat Khalīfā Ghulām Jāfar Sahto (d.1980)
  81. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muhammad Yūsuf Channā (d.1979), previously murid of Khwaja Fazal Ali Qureshi
  82. Hadhrat Khalīfā Hājī Atā Muhammad Mojā’ī (1918-1999), previously murid of Khwaja Fazal Ali Qureshi
  83. Hadhrat Khalīfā Mīr Muhammad Shar (1914-2008)
  84. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muhammad Dā’ūd Shar Baloch (1913-1999), Janāzah led by Hadhrat Mahboob Sajjan Saeen
  85. Hadhrat Khalīfā Nūr’uddīn Shar Baloch (1919-1996)
  86. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muhammad Alī Bhattī (d.1986)
  87. Hadhrat Khalīfā Rahmat-Allah Sahto
  88. Hadhrat Khalīfā Molvī Muhammad Yūsuf Panhwar (1926-2009), Gambat, Sindh
  89. Hadhrat Khalīfā Molvī Abdul Karīm Panhwar
  90. Hadhrat Khalīfā Abdul Karīm Kalerī
  91. Hadhrat Khalīfā Pīr Bakhsh Kalerī, died 2008
  92. Hadhrat Khalīfā Sub’hān Bakhsh Qureshī, Rohrī, Sindh
  93. Hadhrat Khalīfā Abdul Wāhid Bhutto (1880-1953). previously a khalifa of Khwāja Pīr Fazal Alī Qureshī
  94. Hadhrat Khalīfā Khāwand Bakhsh Bhutto (d.1982)
  95. Hadhrat Khalīfā Allah Warāyo Babur (ٻٻر) (d.1997)
  96. Hadhrat Khalīfā Hāfiz Karīm Bakhsh Baloch (d.1972)
  97. Hadhrat Khalīfā Hāfiz Khudā Bakhsh Wariyā (1925-1993)
  98. Hadhrat Khalīfā Muhammad Saeed, son-in-law of Hadhrat Pīr Mithā (d.1995)
  99. Hadhrat Khalīfā Amīr’uddīn Bhutto
  100. Hadhrat Khalīfā Habīb-ur-Rahmān Ghaffārī, Sanāwān, Punjab (d.1979)
  101. Hadhrat Khalīfā Sardār Ahmad (born 1930). Lives in Bucheki, Punjab
  102. Hadhrat Khalīfā Jalāl’uddīn Īrānī, Iran
  103. Hadhrat Khalīfā Abdul Karīm Bugtī, Dera Bugti, Balochistan, buried in Noorpur, Gambat

Some other names are found whose details are not available.


Tazkirat al-Khulafā al-Ghaffāria (Sindhi) by Maulana Karam-ullah, First Edition 2010 []

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  1. hafiz khalil u rehman dhamrah says:

    allah ki lakho karo rahmaten ho hamary ayyedi murshdi pe

  2. dr kaleemullah abro garafi says:

    i love my murshid peer mitha sani and peer mitha awal and peer khalilullah the only son of hazrat pir mitha and janasheen of peer mitha sain

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    A mureed of sain is molvi mahmmad ameen khalili who ofer pryeres nimaz e juma to thousand people at darigha hazar Shaheed Makhdoom Bilal

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    ye sb madine wale ka kram h faiz he

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