Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Ubaydullah Sirhindi (1038-1083 AH)

Hazrat Khwājā Muhammad Ubaydullāh Sirhindī (1038-1083 AH) was the third son of Imam Muhammad Mas’ūm Fārūqī Sirhindī (1007-1079 AH) and one of the greatest masters of the Mujaddidi order of Sufism.

His title was Murawwij ash-Shar’iyyat (Establisher of the Shariah). He heard this title directly from Allah Almighty during Salah.

He was born in Rajab 1038 AH. He received Islamic education from his uncle Khwājā Muhammad Sa’īd Sirhindi (1005-1071 AH) and Mawlānā Badruddīn Sultānpurī.

He passed away on 19 Rabī al-Awwal 1083 AH on Friday. Before death, he said “As-Salāmu Alayka Ya Rasūl-Allāh” and then started Salah, and died in the Sajdāh (prostration).

Among his sons are the following:

1. Shaykh Muhammad Hādī Sirhindī, died on 12 Rabī al-Awwal 1123 AH
2. Shaykh Muhammad Pārsā Sirhindī
3. Shaykh Muhammad Sālim Sirhindī


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