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Books related to Mawlid written by Naqshbandi scholars

Hundreds, rather thousands of books and treatises have been authored by a vast number of Sunni scholars on the topic of Mawlid (Mīlād) for many centuries. There are indices of such works available (one index in Urdu, a list in … Continue reading

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Celebrating the noble Mawlid and Mujaddid Alf-i Sani

During the blessed month of Rabīʻ al-Awwal, the whole Muslim nation celebrates the blessed birth of the Master of All Prophets ṣallAllāhu ʻalayhi waSallam. However, there are a few extremist sects that oppose this noble tradition of Muslims and follow … Continue reading

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Dates of demise of the Awliya in Gregorian calendar

Following are some of the verified dates of demise of the well known Islamic saints in Gregorian calendar. Since most of the recorded dates are in Hijri calendar, there is no standard way to translate it in Gregorian calendar without … Continue reading

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Sayyid Wilayat Shah Hamdani

Hadrat Sayyid Wilāyat Shāh Hamdānī Bilāwalī was one of the blessed deputies of Khwāja Muhammad Sirāj ad-Dīn Naqshbandī Mujaddidī of Mūsā Zaī Sharīf, Pakistan. He lived in village Danda Shāh Bilāwal, established by one of his pious great-grandfathers. He was … Continue reading

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Sayyid Muhammad Shah Hamdani

Hadrat Sayyid Muhammad Shāh Hamdānī Bilāwalī was nephew of Sayyid Laʻl Shāh Hamdānī who was one of the greatest deputies of Khwāja Muhammad Usmān Dāmānī quddisa-sirruhumā. Sayyid Muhammad was a direct descendant of the Holy Prophet sallAllāhu ʻalayhi wasallam, and … Continue reading

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Malfuzat (speeches) of Shaykh Fazal Ali Qureshi Naqshbandi

Following are some of the malfūzāt (speeches and advice) of Hadrat Shaykh Fazal Alī Qureshī Naqshbandī Mujaddidī qaddasAllāhu sirrahū (d.1935). Most of them are translated roughly from the published Malfūzāt of the shaykh which were written by his chief khalīfa … Continue reading

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