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Pir Sayyid Muhammad Rashid Qadri Naqshbandi Sindhi (1171-1234 AH)

Ḥaḍrat Pīr Sayyid Muḥammad Rāshid Qādrī Naqshbandī Sindhī qaddas-Allāhu sirrahū (may Allah sanctify his secret) was one of the most celebrated Sufi masters in Sindh (now Pakistan). He was the founder of the Rāshidī Sufi order that spread to Sindh, … Continue reading

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The Noble Five (Aal al-Aba / Panjtan) and the Naqshbandi masters

Āl al-ʿabā (آل العبا) or Ahl al-Kisāʾ (اهل الكساء), in Persian/Urdu: Panjtan Pāk (پنجتن پاک) is a Islamic term, literally meaning the people of the cloak, that refers to the five purified and exalted souls that include the excellencies the … Continue reading

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