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Laṭāʾif [1]Sahl b.ʿAbdullāh at-Ṭūstarī (d.273/886 or 283/896), one of the first Ṣūfīs, relates that his maternal uncle taught him a litany while he was still a  young child and that, while continuing this litany, he felt in his heart and … Continue reading

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Makhdum Adam Thattvi Sindhi Naqshbandi Mujaddidi

Ḥaḍrat Shaikh Makhdūm Ādam Thattvī Sindhī Naqshbandī Mujaddidī qaddas-Allāhu sirrahū (may Allah sanctify his secret) was the first Sufi master of the Naqshbandī order who spread this sacred order in Sindh. Before him, there had been a few Naqshbandī Sufi … Continue reading

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A unique chain of authority in the Mujaddidi order

The Mujaddidi order is the most widespread branch of the Naqshbandi order, and perhaps the only living branch. It was started by the great Mujaddid Imām Rabbānī Hadhrat Shaykh Aḥmad Sirhindī Fārūqī (971-1034 AH) raḍiy-Allahu ‘anhu (may Allah be pleased … Continue reading

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Mawlana Ghulam Muhiy-ad-Din Qusoori Naqshbandi Mujaddidi (1270 AH)

Hadhrat Mawlānā Khwāja Ghulām Muhiy-ad-Dīn Qusūrī Siddīqī Naqshbandī Mujaddidī qaddas-Allāhu sirrahu was one of the chief deputies of the great Indian Naqshbandi master Shāh Ghulām-ʿAlī Dahlawī quddisa-sirruhu. He was from the descendants of the first caliph of Islam Sayyidinā Abū … Continue reading

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Shah Rauf Ahmad Rafat Mujaddidi Naqshbandi

Hadhrat Shāh Ra’ūf Ahmad Ra’fat Mujaddidī Naqshbandī quddas-Allāhu sirrahū was a descendant of Imām Rabbānī and a great Naqshbandī Sufi master in the thirteenth century AH. His family chain is as follows: Shāh Ra’ūf Ahmad Mujaddidī, son of Shāh Shu’ūr … Continue reading

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