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Naqshbandi Order in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The country that is now called Bosnia and Herzegovina, informally called Bosnia, is located in the Balkan region of Europe. The modern state became independent in 1992. The capital and the largest city of Bosnia is Sarajevo. The history of … Continue reading

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Mulla Abdullah Ilahi Ahrari (896 AH, Greece)

The venerable master Khwāja Mullā ʿAbdullāh Ilāhī Simāvī Naqshbandī Aḥrārī qaddas-Allāhu sirrahū (may Allah sanctify his secret) was a celebrated master of the Naqshbandī Ṣūfī Path, an illustrious saint, a distinguished Gnostic, and was a distinguished deputy of Khwāja ʿUbaydu’llāh … Continue reading

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