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Shaykh Yusuf of Macassar (d.1109 AH)

Shaykh Yūsuf al-Makassarī Naqshbandī Khalwatī qaddas-Allāhu sirrah ul-ʿazīz (1626-1699), also called Sheikh Yusuf of Macassar, is known to be the first person who established Islam in South Africa in the seventeenth century. He was originally from Indonesia and a follower … Continue reading

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Imam Murtada Zabidi (1145-1205)

Imām Sayyid Muḥammad Murtaḍa al-Zabīdī Ḥusaynī Naqshbandī (1145-1205 AH) was an illustrious scholar and master of many sciences. He was a Sayyid by descent and from a prominent family of Sayyids in Bilgram, India. He was born and raised there … Continue reading

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Shaykh Shahab ad-Din Dimyati Shafii Misri

The great scholar, jurist, author, Qārī and master of the Naqshbandī Order, Shaykh Shahāb ad-Dīn Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad Dimyāṭī Shāfiʿī Miṣrī, popular as Bannā, was probably the first shaykh of the Naqshbandī Path in Egypt. He was born in the … Continue reading

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Sharif Ismail Sinnari Husayni Maliki Sudani

Sharīf Sayyid Ismāʿīl ibn Taqādim Jaʿfarī Sinnārī Mālikī Naqshbandī Mujaddidī was the first master who brought the Naqshbandī Order into Sudan and from there it also spread to Egypt. He was born 1216 AH in the region of Bahr el … Continue reading

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