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The spiritual science of Sufism, called Tasawwuf in Arabic

Letter 16 from the Maktubat of Haji Dost Muhammad Qandahari

Letter no. 16 from the Maktūbāt of Hazrat Khwaja Hājī Dost Muhammad Qandahāri Naqshbandi Mujaddidi, may Allah sanctify his soul. Written to Khalifa Sher Muhammad Kulāchvi, about following the noble Shariah, and that the practice upon knowledge is necessary.   … Continue reading

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Distinctive Qualities of the Naqshbandi Order

The Naqshbandi Sufi Order is a distinctive exalted and sublime Sufi order, with many qualities that distinguish it from other methods of Sufism. I will list some of them here, narrated from authentic sources. Superior Nisbat (Reference) The foremost distinctive … Continue reading

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The Reformers of Islam (Mujaddid)

In his short essay entitled Tuhfat al-Mujtahidin bi Asma’ al-Mujaddidin (“The Gem of the Striving Scholars: the Names of the Renewers of the Religion”) al-Suyût.î listed the Renewers as follows: 1st century: Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz 2nd century: Imam al-Shafi’i … Continue reading

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