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Hadith 01 from the Chihil Kalima of Jami

Hadith 01 from Chihil Kalimā (Forty Hadiths) of Mawlānā Abdur-Rahmān Jāmi Naqshbandi (d. 896/1492) radiyAllāhu ‘Anhu ”لَا يُؤْمِنُ أَحَدُكُمْ حَتَّى يُحِبَّ لِأَخِيْهِ مَا يُحِبُّ لِنَفْسِهٖ“. “None of you is a [true] believer until he likes for his brother what he … Continue reading

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Urdu poetry of Shaikh Abdul Ahad Wahdat alias Shah Gul

Hadrat Shaikh Abdul Ahad Wahdat Fārūqī Sirhindī quddisa sirruh alias Shah Gul (1050-1126H / 1640-1714) was grandson of Imām Rabbānī Mujaddid Alf-e Sānī Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindī quddisa sirruh. He was a wonderful poet of Persian, and an author of many … Continue reading

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Rabita – Connection with the shaykh

The practice of rābitā is one of the essential methods of spiritual learning in the Naqshbandi Order. Rābitā translates to connection or bonding with the spiritual guide, the shaykh or the Sufi master, from whom one learns the Naqshbandi tarīqah … Continue reading

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Women Sufi masters in the Naqshbandi Order

The great masters of the Naqshbandi Mujaddidi tariqah have not only blessed and authorized men to become masters of spirituality, they also taught this noble path to women, and often some of them were appointed as deputies, charged to teach … Continue reading

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Khwaja Yousuf Hamadani (440-535 AH)

Hazrat Abū Ya’qūb Khwājā Yūsuf al-Hamadānī quddisa sirruh (440-535 AH) was an exalted shaykh of this noble path, from whom many of the well-known Sufi masters benefited. His deputies founded the Naqshbandiyyah, Yasaviyyah and Bektāshiyyah tariqahs, and founders of the … Continue reading

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The Twelve Imams and the Naqshbandi saints

The Twelve Imams of Ahl al-Bayt, also called the Silsilat-uz-Zahab (the golden chain), are the great Imams of Islam and Sufism from the Ahl al-Bayt  (household) of the Holy Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad sallAllahu alaihi wasallam. Though commonly claimed by Shia, … Continue reading

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SHAH NAQSHBAND Adapted from al-Khani’s al-Bahja al-Saniyya

[Written by Shaykh Gibril Fouad Haddad] Some qualities of the Way’s Imaam, the Rescue (ghawth) of creation (in his age), the Godly Scholar, Temple of The Eternally Besought (Samad), Allah’s Argument over Gnostics and His Gift to the worlds, the … Continue reading

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Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (80-148 AH)

Hazrat Sayyidinā Imām Ja’far as-Sādiq raziyallahu anhu (80-148 AH) was the sixth Imam of the twelve Imams of Ahl al-Bayt and one of the greatest Tābi’een. He was the heir to the throne of sainthood of his grandfather Imam Ali, … Continue reading

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Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Baqi Billah Naqshbandi (971-1012 AH)

Hazrat Khwājā Muhammad Bāqī Billāh Berang Naqshbandī quddisa sirruhū (971-1012 AH) was a great Sufi master of the Naqshbandi-Ahrāri Sufi order, who brought the Naqshbandi order from Central Asia to India. He was born in Kabul on 5 Zul-Hijjah 971/972 … Continue reading

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Hazrat Khwaja Abul Hasan Kharaqani (352-425 H)

Hazrat Sayyidinā Alī bin Ahmad Khwājā Abul Hasan Kharaqānī quddis sirruhū (352-425 AH) was one of the greatest Sufi masters ever born. He was a spiritual student of Sultān al-Ārifīn Khwājā Bāyazīd Bastāmī, though he was born in 325 AH … Continue reading

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